Laminated glass

Hero-Safe laminated safety glass (VSG) can be used anywhere where special security requirements are imposed, due to its shatter-proof and high mechanical strength.

Hero-Safe (laminated glass)

Hero safe consists of two or more individual panes that are permanently bonded through tough elastic, highly tear-resistant polyvinyl butyral film (PVB). The safety effect of laminated glass is based on the extremely high tensile strength of the PVB interlayer and its excellent bonding properties to the adjacent glass surfaces. Hero-Safe is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Hero-Safe P Types

Vulnerability window: 90 percent of burglaries happen through windows or doors. If entry is delayed by only five minutes, through special security measures, most burglars already give up on their intentions. Modern safety glass is a clever protective measure. The Hero-Safe product family offers protection for every need; up to firearms safety.

Resistance class to DIN EN 1627 Glazing to EN 356 Complies with glazing to DIN 52290
RC2 P4A A3
RC3 P5A  
RC4 P6B B1
RC5 P7B B2
RC6 P8B B3
Test methods with heavy projectiles

(3 each a 4.1 kg ball, diameter 10 cm) in free fall 

Impact resistant:
P1 A Fall height 1500 mm  
P2 A Fall height 3000 mm ( A 1 )
P3 A Fall height 6000 mm ( A 2 )
P4 A Fall height 9000 mm ( A 3 )
P5 A Fall height 9000 mm  
Testing methods

Suitability test with machine guided 2 kg axe

Anti-burglary protection:
P6B 30 - 50 impacts ( B1 )
P7B 51 – 70 impacts ( B2 )
P8B above 70 impacts ( B3 )

Hero-Safe BR Types

Bullet resistant:
  Calibre of shot bullet type

S = Splintering
NS = Splinter-free

Coloured laminated glass panes

The safety glass product range also includes coloured films with light resistant pigments. These offer laminated glass systems in various combinations with a wide range of transparent, semi-transparent and opaque colours.

The robust but elastic, coloured PVB film lies between two or more glass sheets and is permanently bonded to the glass.

The finished product is suitable for use in partition walls, room dividers and conference rooms.

Films are available in the following colours:
Product name Layer code Transmission in visible range %
Coral Rose 1 78.0
Aquamarine 2 77.6
Smoke Grey 3 78.8
Ocean Grey H 61.0
Sahara Sun 4 78.1
Ruby Red 5 50.0
Tangerine E 42.4
Sapphire 6 51.3
Evening Shadow 7 50.0
Golden Light 8 86.0
Deep Red C 15.0
True Blue D 14.0
Tangerine E 41.0
Artic Snow 9 64.3
Polar White F 8.0
Cool White A 79.0
Absolute Black G 0.0
Please note

For outdoor applications when using < 65% light transmission, a configuration of 2 x toughed or semi-tempered glass is required!

Our coloured laminated glass films have a standard production width of 1.59m. Glass products with wider colour films are available on request.

How are the different degrees of light transmittance or a frosted glass effect achieved"?

If for reasons of design or protecting privacy a project requires a "frosted glass" effect, a semitransparent glass shade are generated by the addition of a white translucent colour film to the actual colour mix. 

Hero-Safe Step (walk-on glass)

Hero-Safe Step is a laminated safety glass, which is used especially for walk-on surfaces such as floors and stairs. This laminated safety glass is composed of at least three individual panes, which are bonded to each other with a highly tear-resistant polyvinyl butyral film (PVB film).

Walk-on glazing can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. In both areas of application the glazing must normally have adequate anti-slip properties.

Product Information Sheet download

Hero-Safe Step can be made up of the following panes:
  • Float glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Partially tempered glass
  • Screen-printed toughened safety glass with anti-slip (Hero-Dur colour)
The following films can be applied to Hero-Safe Step
  • Transparent
  • Matt white
  • Vanceva colour films
  • SentryGlas Plus
Slip resistance

Glass that can be walked on must be sufficiently non-slip. The anti-slip coating is applied by screen printing and forms an abrasion resistant and permanent bond with the glass surface in the tempering process. The anti-slip coating can be carried out as partial area (see Hero standard decorations) or full surface printing.

The glass thickness recommendation for HERO SAFE STEP applies to mounting on all sides. The glass types mentioned below are designed for a calculated live load of 5 kN / m² (= 500 kg).

TYPE Thickness
Hero-Safe Step 25 BS 26 mm
Hero-Safe Step 29 BS 30 mm
Hero-Safe Step 34 BS 35 mm
Hero-Safe Step 40 BS 41 mm
Hero-Safe Step 49 BS 50 mm
Fall-proof glazing

Construction elements of glass that protect people from falling from a height are referred to as fall-proof glazing.

Examples for this are:
  • Parapet elements
  • Stair banisters
  • Floor to ceiling wall glazing, the need to ensure a safety barrier function.

The use of glass elements in construction areas with a risk of falling are subject to precise specifications, which are stipulated in DIN 18008-4 Part 4: Additional requirements for barrier glazing. Essentially, these requirements are based on the (TRAV) technical regulations for the use of safety glazing, which was replaced by the DIN 18008.

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