Patterned glazing

A host of colours, many options and variety for design. Patterned glass isindividual, modern and varied.

There are numerous combination options from the different types of glass, designs, colours, and/or fabrication techniques.

The applications are varied. In living rooms, offices, restaurants, hotels and restaurants, patterned glass can make an artistic statement as room dividers, partitions or wall claddings, with the effect of separation and transparency both at the same time.

Here in particular glass offers a variety of decorative options. We differentiate our patterned glazing by the production technology: 

  • Screen printing
    Have your glazing printed. With our screen printing method there are numerous colours and designs to choose from.
  • Sand blasting
    Elegant sight screens for numerous applications. The surface roughened by sandblasting is opaque to the outside, but lets light in.
  • Leaded glazing
    Ancient tradition meets timeless design.
  • Digital photographic printing
    Put your favourite image in setting.