Thermally insulated glazing with safety function

Something you can rely on. A product that has the combined functionality of security and thermal protection.

Safety requirements and thermal insulation have excellent potential for combination.

We differentiate the functions according to the requirements.

Injury protection:

Large areas of glazing must not lead to massive injuries in case of breakage. They should not give rise to sharp splinters. Depending on the function, both laminated and tempered types of glass are used.

Fall Protection:

The use of glass elements in construction areas with a risk of falling are subject to precise specifications, which are stipulated in DIN 18008-4 Part 4: Additional requirements for barrier glazing. Essentially, these requirements are based on the (TRAV) technical regulations for the use of safety glazing.

Overhead glazing:

Each glass application, which inclines ± 10° from the vertical, is considered overhead glazing. In addition to forces acting from wind and climatic loading, the snow and dead weight load must also be added. Therefore with overhead glazing it must be ensured, at all times in the event of failure of the glass panel, that glass fragments or parts will fall down.

Anti-burglary protection:

Anti-burglary protection is the property of a component to resist the attempt to forcibly gain access to rooms or areas, i.e. to provide a defined resistance.

There are different glass types are available for this:
  • Impact resistant glazing (more)
  • Burglary resistant glazing (more)
  • Bullet resistant glazing (more)
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