Insulating glass

Comfortable, even when it is reallybleak and cold outside, or when the sun is at its zenith. But always bright! Create the right indoor climate with our thermal insulated glazing.

Insulating glass

Insulating glass also called thermal insulated glazing, is a window element made up of at least two panes of glass. The glass panes are bonded flush with each other with a defined spacing in between. The spaces between the panes are generally filled with a thermal insulating inert gas.

Coating glass

Glass conducts heat energy by radiation to the outside. Many metals have a significantly lower radiation. A thin coating of metal or metal oxide on glass reduces the emissivity of glass. For insulating glass, generally a single-sided coating is used on the interior side in the space between the glazing panels. This improves the thermal insulation properties.

Heat transfer coefficient (U value)

The U value is a measure of the "heat transmission" or the thermal insulation properties of components, such as the glazing of a window. A component with a small U value allows less heat through than a building component with a larger U value.

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