Dirt repellent coatings

Initially your glass surfaces are clean and without any stubborn stains. But once in use there are always traces despite all the cleaning. So why not protect your glass surfaces right from the start with the Hero nano coating.

A bright outlook for your glass surfaces. Little effort for brilliant results.

Normally, cleaning glass surfaces is very time consuming. With our coating technology, the treated surfaces are easier to clean, and at the same time oil and grease repellent. Therefore, deposits cannot settle on the surface. The result - quick and easy cleaning. Although the coating is long-lasting, it should be refreshed regularly.

Our nanotechnology can be applied to all new and existing glass surfaces. The opportunities for application are very varied. Through the chemical reaction, an extremely thin and invisible protective film forms. This makes the surface more resistant and easier to clean. The process takes place at the nanoscale, between 1 to 100 nanometres.

Step 1:

Cleaning: First of all, thorough cleaning is important. New surfaces just have to be free of grease and residues. Existing glass surfaces must be treated with a special cleaner so that all residues are completely removed.

Step 2:

Application: In this operation, our product is applied. It reacts with the glass and fills the microscopic unevenness.

Step 3:

Sealing: A protective layer is applied that seals step 2, and extends and therefore increase the effectiveness. Each time, the protective layer can be easily and quickly replenished with Hero Revitalizer. For complete recovery of hydrophobic properties, lasting brilliant results and minimal cleaning effort.

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Benefits at a glance
  • Long lasting protection for all your glass surfacesEasy cleaning of lime scale and other contaminantsHigher resistance to scratchingReduction of bacteria andmouldsMore brilliant surfaceSimple to refresh the protective layer with the revitalizerPatented process