Glass comes in all shapes and sizes. Find out more about our products.

  • Insulating glass
    Comfortable, even when it is reallybleak and cold outside, or when the sun is at its zenith. But always bright! Create the right...
  • Safety glass
    As the name suggests, this glazing has special security features. For security applications we can supply you with laminated safety...
  • Curved glass
    New shapes with Hero-Form. Curved glass is both a structural and decorative feature of modern architecture.
  • Fire safety glass
  • Dirt repellent coatings
    Initially your glass surfaces are clean and without any stubborn stains. But once in use there are always traces despite all the...
  • Patterned glass
    A host of colours, many options and variety for design. Patterned glass isindividual, modern and varied.
  • Ornamental glass
    Ornamental glass has a special surface structure. In addition to beautiful decoration it can also keep prying eyes out, but let light...
  • Patio systems
    Leave the wind and weather outside. With aroof covering over your balcony or patio, you can create a new quality of life! Without...
  • Porch systems
    Two in one! Our porch and canopy systems using glazing units provide stylish design and optimum functionality.
  • Fittings
    Our wide range of fittings is suitable for the differentapplications, whether for glass doors, full glazing systems, shower units,...
  • Alarm glass
    Our glazing units with an alarm trigger function offer greater security.
  • Heated glass
    Clear vision with Hero-Heated glazing.
  • Chemically strengthened glass
    High optical quality combined with excellent strength properties.