Suppliers & contractors

Do you act as a supplier or a contractor for our company? Then we would like to draw your attention to our regulations for external contractors.

In order for you to be able to carry out your work and services safely, please familiarise yourself with our practices and health and safety regulations. Please also instruct your employees accordingly. All notices and regulations can either be downloaded here or found further down on this page.

In order to enter the company premises and to coordinate the work, it is necessary that you complete and send back the following form.

Form for registration of external companies


Please fill out the form and click on "send" at the end. This will conclude your registration.

Person responsible for the contractor
Responsible assembly/site supervisor
Responsible staff of the company Hero-Glas
Data Privacy Statement

Yes, I have read and understood the privacy statement and I agree that the data I provide will be collected and stored electronically. My data is used for the sole purpose of processing and replying to my request. By submitting the contact form I agree to this process.

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