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Berlin supports intrusion prevention with a total of 30 million Euro:

Burglaries in houses and apartments have increased significantly over the years. The Budget Committee of the Bundestag has recognised this development as grounds for providing 10 million Euros, in the current and each of two following years, for support grants for structural measures against break-ins in houses and apartments. The funding will be arranged through the state KfW bank, which is currently drawing up appropriate programs.

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Glass for Interior Design and Architecture:

It is not just in the building envelope that glass creates a distinctive look: In modern homes, architects and builders also even make use of this natural material for countless individual interior applications. Often people do not realise just how widespread the use of glass is. But if you look closely, it becomes clear how important this transparent material is for today's modern interior design.

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Rotterdam Markthal sparkles with Hero glazing:

With advanced architecture, Rotterdam is increasingly becoming one of the outstanding architectural capitals of the world. One of the most recent architectural gems is the new market hall in Rotterdam, which opened its doors at the end of last year. The Dutch architect Winy Maas, from the architectural offices of MVRDV, placed emphasis on glass, as a particularly striking design element, which has been manufactured and delivered for the complete building project by the Emsland glass maker Hero-Glas from Dersum.

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The MINTO Shopping Center fitted with Hero-Glas:

One of the most modern shopping centres in the lower Rhine region opened its doors on 26th March: With 110 shops and catering outlets, MINTO offers a new shopping experience over four levels in the heart of Mönchengladbach. The Emsland based glass finishers, Hero Glas, manufactured and supplied the entire glass for the exterior façade.

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Boiler Plate:

with head offices in Dersum in the Emsland,it is one of Europe's leading glass processors

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