Fragmented thoughts on glass

Glass is more than a versatile material:

  • It provides protection against heat and cold, wind and rain.
  • Glass protects but also exposes, it can hide as well as emphasise.
  • It beautifies and adorns, magnifies and diminishes.
  • It displays objects as they are.
  • But glass can also create illusions and distort reality.
  • It is strong and resistant, but can break with soft
  • contact.
  • It is permanent and aesthetic, flexible but also brittle.

Glass: A small addition to the quality of life!

Glass is a creation of nature, which through the power of human understanding and skills is capable of refinement.

Without glass, our lives would be much poorer.

No material is less forgiving than glass when it is handled.

And which other material gives a purer perspective than glass?

Glass brings uninspiring masonry to life.

A house without glass is like a beautiful woman without sight.

Time can rust away, rot and decay, and age. But glass knows no time.