We are a family-owned business, firmly rooted in the Emsland but supplying our products around the world.

The Emsland region means a lot to us. Here we are at home, and it is our focal point for carrying out our business and shipping our products all around the world. The Emsland as our home is important to us. We appreciate the excellent education and economic development of our region and are aware of our responsibility to the area.

We like to support local institutions, and we are active as a sponsor of various clubs in the region and are always in dialogue with the local communities. One thing is clear, we want to secure and sustain our location. This is especially important for our employees. As a family run business, it is natural for us to be certified with the seal of the Emsländischen Stiftung for Familie und Beruf (Emsland Foundation for Family and Work) as a family-friendly company. Together with the Überbetrieblichen Verbund (ÜBV) association for inter-company cooperation, we are committed to a family-friendly personnel policy within the Emsland economy.

The employees of tomorrow are particularly important to us. We cooperate closely with the local schools and support students in finding jobs through projects and work-experience companies. In recent years, we have repeatedly carried out TheoPrax educational projects on site, in cooperation with vocational schools, and also implemented recommendations from the projects.

The average length of service of our employees is more than 10 years - we believe that says a lot, but also gives us an incentive to ensure it stays that way.