Glass is one of the oldest materials for mankind. This in itself is a success story. In addition to the numerous functions in the construction sector that glass provides us with, it has one special feature. It can be recycled 100 percent.

That is the approach that is prescribed to us by our main product. Glass production and processing is synonymous with very large amounts of energy. We run everything with modern methods and machines so that the use of energy is only as much as actually needed.

Even when cutting the glass plates, we make sure we keep the waste to the minimum  possible. However, everything that ends up as scrap is collected and recycled.

All alternative materials are separated by us and sent for recycling. Naturally, we take old insulation glasses back to ensure proper disposal and recycling of individual materials. 

Moreover, the green approach, which glass as a recyclable material prescribes for us, runs like a thread through all our further business areas. We use the latest LED technology to save energy in the administrative buildings. Our company fleet of vehicles is equipped with fuel-saving systems. 90 percent of our glazing is shipped on reusable transport racks, so that even here the burden on the environment is as little as possible.