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We have been active in the field of glass processing for more than 40 years. We therefore view these 40 years of experience through one of the most interesting materials in architecture.

Glass is our passion.

It all started with a crisis. The oil crisis of the 1970s, and the environmental awareness amongst the population that resulted from this, brought about the first Energy Conservation Act, and with it strong demand for insulating glass from our fledgling company. Since then Hero-Glas is now backed by the Hero-Glas Group, which specializes in many areas of modern glass processing with many subsidiary companies.

Yachtglass specialises in the production of highly resistant glasses for use on superyachts and cruisers. In addition, to meet the need for ultra-lightweight, seawater-resistant glazing, production of chemically tempered glass has been started. After a successful launch, we are now one of the few manufacturers in Europe who are able to produce this glass.

In addition, there are other important product fields that belong to the company group. Fire-resistant glass systems have been available for several years. Hero-Fire has developed transparent layers for this, which become impermeable to radiation when exposed to heat in the event of fire and produce extremely high insulating effects. Thus, effective protection against smoke and heat radiation are provided for up to 120 minutes.

Behind all these companies are our employees. With a staff of over 300 employees, we are active throughout Europe and constantly looking for new architectural and technology challenges. As a result, our business philosophy is always close to our hearts: Glass is our passion.

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    We are a family-owned business, firmly rooted in the Emsland but supplying our products around the world.
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    Glass is one of the oldest materials for mankind. This in itself is a success story. In addition to the numerous functions in the...